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Deliciously Lower Impact Snacks and Foods

Specialty Sugar-Free and Low Net Carb Foods

Since Our introduction in 2005, ChocoLite and ChocoRite brands have helped thousands of people take charge of their health by offering delicious snacks that enable us to stay on our diets. Our mission is simple. By eliminating carbohydrates and Sugar, our customers have lost weight, improved blood sugar levels, increased energy, and many times rid themselves of prescribed medicines. We found that as we eliminated the sugar that many times we were able to reduce the overall calories as well by 25-40%. We believe controlling carbs is an integral part of overall health.  We try whenever possible to use more natural ingredients and reduce unnatural ingredients as much as possible. The result has been truly a premium ingredient sugar–free line of snacks that offers no sacrifice from their unhealthy cousins.

Lower Impact Net Carbs

Not all sugar free snacks are equal. Many sugar-free snacks replace their sugar with maltitol. This is a relatively inexpensive ingredient that has been defined as sugar free by FDA. The problem with maltitol is that has a glycemic index as high as 50. This means that it does have some effects on blood sugar levels and will cause the lower carb diets to stall out and plateau the weight loss. We have always used as little maltitol as possible in our ChocoLite line and have completely eliminated it in our ChocoRite line. We use only Erythritol and fibers which have almost a zero glycemic impact on blood sugar levels.

Lower Impact Calories

By reducing sugar, ChocoLite and ChocoRite brands have been able to reduce calories by up to 40%. This provides an even faster way to lose the unhealthy weight while allowing the high fiber ingredients to keep you feeling full.

Lower Impact Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is an overall epidemic on health. The extreme low impact ChocoLite and ChocoRite have on blood sugar levels ensures people with diabetes can enjoy these delicious treats with no consequences. Other products with higher glycemic index sugar-free sweeteners can have affects on blood sugar maintaining the need for more medication. By reducing carbohydrates and sugar, many of our customers have lost weight and improved their overall health eliminating the need for any blood sugar controlling medicine.  

Lower Impact Sugar-Free digestion

Many companies also use cheap sugar replacers known as sugar alcohols that can produce uncomfortable digestive gas and even cause severe laxative effects. ChocoLite and ChocoRite brands do not contain these sugar alcohols or they are in such a small amount that it will not cause any laxative effects or digestive discomfort.  Many of our customers experience no impact even as the fiber levels are relatively high.

Achieve Weight Control for Life

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